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Transaction : lead China's real estate transaction whole chain service
Transactions New House
Provide integrating services from land planning and investigation to market positioning and marketing agency for developers and government agencies. In 2015, the New House Agency sales reached 430.9 billion yuan and the market ranked first domestically.
Provide online and offline interactions for customers through online APPs, website and offline links as well as online and offline O2O services for C-end customers.
Services in the stock market provide house rental, house trusteeship, finance and an asset management service package for owners.
Covering nearly 20 countries and regions around the world, it selects the most suitable property and allocates overseas assets to owners.
After-services Songta
Focuses on the R&D of products for apartment decoration and home decoration solutions and provides a one-click decoration program for the whole house for institutional customers and C-end customers.
As a national professional licensed Internet + Financial institutions, it provides short-term financing services for property owners across the country through the combination of online and offline methods.
Serving medium and high-end communities, it aims to realize the owners' property value addition and returns through intelligent and customized system services.
Data Stock Based on big data, it is committed to providing the best matching asset service solutions.
Operations : Promote and create property values for property holders and users
(Apartment rental)
Devoted to "igniting the hope in the hearts of urban people," Homeplus(Apartment rental) offers sound house rental services and novel rental experience.
WorldUnion's professional pension service platform, managed by the people and subsidized by the government, rental, entrustment, joint venture, self-development, etc., opens pension organizations and provides pension operation services in first and second-tier cities and it is committed to becoming the benchmark for China's pension service industry.
Junhui (the main body of National Equities Exchange and Quotations listed Sample
The Sample Community for the Young is committed to serving young entrepreneurship groups and innovative small and micro enterprises. It seeks to build a office community complex centered on "sample office" joint office products and to combine work, social interaction, entertainment, consumption and experience Sixteen sample communities have already been successfully built in Shenzhen, Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Suzhou, Chongqing, Xiamen, Wuhan, Hangzhou and Changshu.
Link Commerce As a domestic leader in value-addition commercial assets operation, Link Commerce is based on offering customers business planning, investment attraction, sales and operation services. It seeks to innovate the operation of blocks of social interactions, markets, micro hotels, super-cafés and other products to realize full-chain integrated services from professional services to products operation.
Industrial and Commercial Property Management It provides property management and additional services with industrial and commercial property and urban industrial parks as the subjects of services.
Consultants Namely, the original WorldUnion consultant business. As an advisory service platform for providing suggestions on policies, landing planning, project development for local government, developers and other institutional customers, it runs through all stages from land to asset withdrawal.
Investment Finance : Lead the industry in providing financial investment and asset financing services
Focusing on new housing and stock property in residential and commercial sectors, it relies on professional selection and value judgment capabilities as well as powerful national sales platforms and asset operation capabilities to achieve the rapid realization and value enhancement of properties, thus driving the development and superposition of the entire company's business.
This involves va lue assessment, investment design and the transaction implementation of properties; solving financing problems, including raising funds, designing financing products, establishing financing channels and dealing with investors relations; managing investment properties, including investment attraction operation, property management, tenant management and enterprise customization services; and realizing the final aim of withdrawing investments and obtaining benefits through retail, wholesale, refinancing and asset securitization.

WorldUnion provides comprehensive services to enhance returns on customers' assets and
maximize values based on costumer's demands.

Customer Value Chain
Urban and Land Operation Government / Developer New House Transaction / Consultant
Market Positioning Developer New House Transaction / Data Warehouse / Consultant
Building Planning, Developer Consultant / Songta Decoration
Marketing Developer / Investment Organization New House Transactions / Overseas Transactions / E-commerce Transactions / Consumption Finance / Data Warehouse / Consultant
Assessment Operation Developer / Investment Organization / Corporate Tenant Individual Investment / Individual Customer E-commerce Transactions / Songta Decoration / Consumption Finance / Community Housekeeper / Data Warehouse / Homeplus(Apartment rental)/Pension Operation / Sample Community / Link Commerce / Industrial and Commerce Property Management / Asset Investment / Asset Management
Asset Disposal and Withdrawal Asset Disposal and Withdrawal E-commerce Transactions / Stock Transactions / Consumption Finance / Community Housekeeper / Asset Investment / Asset Management
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