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Spare no effort in fulfilling the civilresponsibilities of the enterprise

WorldUnion has established a public service organization called Blue Agency that focuses on ecology, children and entirely sustainable development projects. Together with a number of NGO's, it has held various forms of public welfare activities such as "guarding the coastline,", nature education and "discovering the beauty of the park," Tencent Benefits Donation, a One-hour Taobao Celebrities Auction and international sponsorship. In addition, it has cooperated with other public institutions to actively carry out point-to-point activities in poverty alleviation, disaster relief, hope project primary schools, etc. WorldUnion, as one of the representatives of Chinese enterprises, sponsored the 25th Anniversary of the International Peace Climb in the United States commemoration mountaineering activity, which has not only attracted the attention of Wall Street Journal and other foreign media, but received a letter of commendation from the White House.

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